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Origin Sports Group is a portfolio sports company, which delivers growth for its clients and customers through investment and development of sports properties.


Origin Sports Group aims to develop and grow sports properties utilising its experience and knowledge of the sports industry and the commercial sector. Different from the standard sports agency/consultancy model, Origin Sports Group, balances venture capital style investment with a team who can deliver a the highest  level of international sport. With over 100 years of collective experience in sports business, working across some of the world’s biggest sports properties, Origin Sports Group has an unrivalled executive team with an enviable track record.


Rights Acquisition & Management

ORIGIN’s unique understanding of the complex commercial landscape in sport, allows us to identify opportunities to maximise the value of commercial rights.


An extensive network within International Sports Federations, National Governing Bodies and Commerce more broadly, allows ORIGIN to bring together all the necessary stakeholders for success.

Whether assessing and evolving existing rights in sport or creating new sports rights, ORIGIN’s executive team is able to identify value in new or under-developed sport properties. Once identified, business cases and investment strategies are developed utilising a rigorous methodology

to maximise success.

ORIGIN’s work in commercial rights acquisition straddles the investment and consulting business units, giving ORIGIN the flexibility to make direct and co-investments, as well as provide advisory services to rights-holders or third-party investors.

Our Strategy




A strong network within the sports

industry and a solid corporate

reputation allows ORIGIN to

identify opportunities that might

otherwise remain hidden.




With significant experience of

critical analysis of sports

properties, ORIGIN is able to

effectively identify value through

our forensic due diligence and

business planning process.




ORIGIN’s commercial team have

the experience to ensure the right

deal is concluded to maximise

commercial potential and manage

any downside risk.

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